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Exeter Planning Drawings - we provide Extension Plans, Planning Drawings and Building Regulation Drawings for Planning Applications in Exeter. If you require a Planning Application in Exeter, our Birmingham drawing office will be happy to help.

We can also help you find builders, kitchen and bathroom installers or loft converters.

Our recommendations for Planning Applications in Exeter:


Forward Planning is essential, get familiar with the  Planning and Building process and start to think about what you want to achieve.

Be aware of your surroundings, look out for local tradesmen working in your area and see what type of projects they are doing.

Even at this early stage start to search for websites and other advertisements for Builders in Exeter. A good builder will have work booked in advance so you should be ready to get builders involved during the planning process.

Try our customised search engine and have a good look at a few tradesmen  we have found servicing your area.

For Example, search “Exeter Builders” if you are planning an extension or “Exeter Loft Conversions” if you plan to create a new loft space.

Here’s a Tip - You may be able to keep costs down by managing parts of your building project yourself. We would recommend that you start to get familiar with your local tradesmen who provide the following services in Exeter.

1. Groundworks

2. General Builder

3. Roofer

4. Window Fitting

5. Electrician

6. Plumber

7. Plasterer

8. Kitchen Design and Fitting

9. Bathroom Design and Fitting

10. Carpenter

11. Decorator

12. Landscape Gardener

We provide a full Design, Planning Application and Building Regulation Approval Service in Exeter.

We will be more than happy to talk to you about your project but we have also created a recommendations list for you to read through and consider.

Take a few minutes to look at our guide and get familiar with the planning service we can provide and the services your local contractors can deliver.


Choose your Designer - hopefully it will be us! You should compare the costs and services available from alternative providers just as you should get quotes for building work from a few builders, but we believe it will be very difficult for you to find someone to match our service level and value for money, we also don not know of anyone else who offers a genuine fixed price planning service that can be booked online.

We offer a great Planning Service in Exeter and have a lot of experience in gaining planning permission for projects in the area.

We would recommend that you should always have a site survey carried out in readiness for your design work.

You are about to invest a lot of money in to your building project so don’t try to save just a few pounds by measuring your property for a remote designer over the internet - we have explored this kind of service in the past and know from experience that we can not provide the level of input required to produce well tailored designs if we have not visited site.

A site survey allows your designer to get to know your building and more importantly allows us to get to know you, your family and your unique requirements. A good design consultant knows that it is essential to understand their customers needs, means and expectations - we will always undertake a site survey.

Make sure your designer is capable and experienced in providing the level of service you require. We are very honest about our service and if we feel we will not be able to meet your expectations we will let you know.

Our service is suitable for extensions and alterations that will have a build cost of up to £60,000. We cannot allocate the time and resources that a larger scale project deserves based on our fixed cost pricing structure.

The most common project we undertake in Exeter is the design of single storey extensions within or just over permitted development rights, typically these extension are to extend for a new kitchen or to enlarge a living space and customers are eager to keep build costs to a minimum.

We are extremely efficient at designing these schemes, compiling planning applications and obtaining Building Regulation Approval which allows us to provide an extremely Low Cost Planning Drawing service, see our Single Storey Extension Prices.

After we have designed your scheme we can help you find a builder to build your extension.


Be ready for the design process. We will listen to your explanation of your hopes and expectations for your extension or conversion. We shall keep your budget in mind and develop a scheme that is achievable and suitable for your requirements.

If you choose us to provide your planning drawings for an extension in Birmingham, we will demonstrate multiple options that you may have available to you. We will listen to your ideas and probably show you a few of our own until we agree upon the best way to develop your scheme.

Although we will work quickly there will be no time limit for you to decide on the finalised scheme and if you are not happy with the proposals we will modify the drawings as many times as necessary until they are right for you.

The drawings will be finalised when you agree that we have discovered the best solution for your building work. We will then compile your Planning Application.

We produce all of the drawings that are required for planning applications in Exeter - this includes the purchase and production of your 1:1250 planning map and 1:500 block plans. We will also fill in your planning application forms and help to produce any additional documents that may be required to support your planning application.

Your Planning Application will then be submitted and we shall act as your Planning Agent, which means we will deal with the planners on your behalf - the only thing you may need to do is arrange for the planners to have access to your property.

The Planning Application should take about 6-8 weeks, after which time your extension Planning Permission should be granted.


Drawings for Building Regulations are much more detailed than the drawings used for a Planning Application.

We recommend that Building Regulation drawings and specifications are not compiled until your proposed scheme is finalised and we are quite sure your Planning Permission is going to be passed.

It suits some people to wait until their Planning Application Approval is confirmed before moving on to the Building Regulations development but others require their Building Regulations Drawing package sooner so they can get quotations from builders. We can accommodate your requirements either way.

Once we have created your Planning Drawings we will upgrade your plans so they are suitable to send to Building Control for a Full Plans Building Regulation Application.

As we do for Planning Applications, we will submit your Building Regulations Application on your behalf and act as your agent. This means that Building Control will talk directly to us about your project and we will negotiate the terms for your Building Regulation Approval.

You will receive certification from Building Control that your scheme complies with the Building Regulations as it is shown on the drawings and specification.

Once your Full Plans Building Regulations Application is passed you can start work on site, remember you need to give Building Control 48 hours notice befroe you start work!