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Do you want to find out how much your extension is likely to cost before making the commitment to have your full Planning Drawings and Building Regulations package drawn up? We can help.

How Much Does An Extension Cost? - We’ll help you to find out with our Plans-2-Go

There’s no accurate way of finding out how much your extension is likely to cost without a good set of drawings to demonstrate what you’re after, but you don’t want to be paying out for a full package of drawings if your extension is going to end up being too expensive to build!

We’ve developed a way for you to get a set of scaled planning drawings  for your permitted development extension with minimum up front cost.

Our Plans-2-Go service allows you to choose what type of extension you require and tailor the size to suit your needs. You can then tell us about your preferred format for your windows, doors and skylights and we’re good to go!

We will design your extension to suit your specific needs and provide you with a set of proposed planning drawings for the extension at a scale of 1:100 so you can demonstrate exactly what you want to any builders providing you with estimates.

To help further we will also generate a Building Regulations Scope of Works document so your builder will know what construction requirements should be included, for example we will provide a specification for the foundations, walls, insulation, roof timber sizes etc

We will also provide you with your site map at a scale of 1:1250 which will always be a document required by Building Control when you come to build your extension.

Finally, once your extension has been designed to suit your requirements we will simulate the construction in our sophisticated build cost simulation software and let you know how much our computer thinks your extension should cost! Having an independent estimation of your build costs will help you determine if a builder is charging too much or, just as importantly, charging too little for some reason.

As all of our Plans-2-Go packages are for Permitted Development extensions, you do not actually need to apply for Planning Permission and because we provide your site map and a Building Regulations scope of works our package is suitable to validate a Building Notice application for your Building Regulations. So if you do not want a Certificate of Lawful Development and your local Building Control will accept a Building Notice for your works you will not need any other planning services - nor will you have to pay any extra!

If you do require a full design service once you are happy that your extension is affordable, we will upgrade your package and provide all of the services described on our single storey extension page, including a site visit, and we will only charge you the difference between the Plans-2-Go fees and the standard fixed fees for a single storey extension.







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